Hand Painted Designs

I’m on a mission to bring originality back to America! Seriously, I would rather walk around with something unique and original with meaning then to wear someone else’s brand. We all do it, everything we wear that is “of value” to us is someone else’s brand and we spend top dollar looking our best. Enough of my point of view.

It’s awesome to wear something that you can take pride in that reflects your personal vision. I can remember taking outlandish requests from customers, from SUV’s to character’s from In Living Color and Disney, I had my hands full. Eventually, I realized that when you have a vision for the future, it’s not enough to write about it, sometimes you need a visual representation to remind you of where you’re going. This is when I began to really take me creativity to the next step. Let me use my gifting to help you get to where you’re going. This custom Vision Wear will motivate you to keep moving forward regardless of the challenges. This is my gift to you. Start the new year with a new you! Contact us today.



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