Happy New Year – NY is Freezing!

Happy New Year from our family to yours! We are expecting greatness this new year and hoping we can create magnificent creations for your enjoyment. In our house we have been working on coming together with our various artistry. My husband is "Mr. Maintenance" and loves to work with his hands, my oldest daughter works … Continue reading Happy New Year – NY is Freezing!


10 Signature Jacket

Hey there! So today I was working on a few projects and I¬†thought about creating a signature denim jacket for 10 Job Pro. I have some ideas of combining tapestry, trims, and embroidery for a beautiful finished product. I'm always looking for new ideas to stretch¬†the mind, I think we get used to the norm … Continue reading 10 Signature Jacket

New Videos

Today is my day of relaxation and a great time to reflect on the journey, both the home runs and my short comings. The question is, what was learned and how can I take what I've learned to better improve my business? I went to school for Film, Video and Animation with a background creating … Continue reading New Videos